WhatsApp เปิดตัวคุณสมบัติใหม่ที่ช่วยให้คุณสามารถปิดเสียงกลุ่มแชทที่น่ารำคาญได้ตลอดไป

I’m sure most of us have muted groups that bombard us with notifications – especially those family groups you have no choice but to be a part of.

I’d always select the mute for a year option which was the longest available one.

But after a year passes, the much dreaded notifications flood your phone again. The worst part has to be performing the entire muting ritual yet again.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that WhatsApp has now rolled out an update allowing you to mute conversations forever and always. Amazing.

According to LiveMint, they have officially replaced the 1-year mute option with “Always” because lets be honest, if you’re muting a chat for 1 year, you probably want to mute them for eternity.

Whatsapp is also working on a bunch of other exciting features. Namely, WhatsApp Business.

This will allow purchases to be made directly through a WhatsApp chat with a business and provide small businesses with host services through Facebook.

Some of the other features include being able to make WhatsApp calls on WhatsApp Web and possibly a new look for Android.

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