Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra เป็นสมาร์ทโฟนที่ยอดเยี่ยมหรือไม่?

It’s the start of the year and that means Samsung has released their S-series of flagship phones. The online presentation showed off some new and improved features that do give a slightly refreshing feel after seeing many phones that don’t add something new to the equation.

Samsung was kind enough to send us the S21 Ultra, the variant that stands on top for this year’s release of the S-series lineup.

Fantastic display as always.

First thing that stood out for me was the new design. While the front of the phone is still pretty much unchanged. The display is still vibrant as ever, and the addition of a 120hz display is an absolute pleasure to look at.

Watching Netflix and YouTube has been enjoyable, and I have yet to test it with games that support high refresh rates.

New design to keep up with current times.

The back of the phone has a frosted glass-like feel which takes some hints from the iPhone 12. I personally like the feeling as it’s not slippery and wont feel like it will jump out of your hand like a bar of soap.

Wide array of camera sensors.

The camera system on the Ultra is HUGE. But it’s still not too bad in a sense that they managed to make it seamless with the phone, and not just a square hump jutting out like many other Android phones out there.

While there is still a hump, the camera system is placed in a way that seamlessly melds with the curve of the phone. You might like it, or you might not, but bigger camera sensors equate to better pictures.

So far, my first impressions of the S21 Ultra have been very pleasant, I’m quite happy with what the company has to offer. A full video review will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our YouTube and Facebook pages.

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