Google เอกสารกำลังได้รับปฏิกิริยาอิโมจิในปลายปีนี้

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Emoji reactions are a great way to signal your appreciation for a Slack message or Twitter DM without putting any real effort into it. Google Docs is hopping on the bandwagon.

As part of its Google I/O 2021 event, Google revealed a suite of new productivity features, including the ability to put little emojis underneath a word or series of words in Docs. Really into an idea someone you’re collaborating with jotted down? Throw a fire emoji underneath it. Feeling the opposite way about it? I’ll let you decide what’s more appropriate.

Google said the feature is coming later this year, but didn’t give a more specific timeline for it. Other productivity improvements include the ability to display what you’re working on in Docs in a Meet video call directly from the document itself. You can do this by clicking a little Meet icon in the upper-right part of the Docs window, next to the Share button. Live translations are also coming to Meet calls later this year, including English-to-Spanish to start.

But really, the most important thing here is that you can passive aggressively put the poop emoji underneath a bullet point your friend included in a project document.

Technology is amazing.

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