Google ทิ้งไข่อีสเตอร์ในคลองสุเอซหลังจากปล่อยเรือ

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The Suez Canal is finally free. It was blocked for six days by the Ever Given, resulting in trade losses of billions of dollars — and a lot of memes.

The disruption was so great that the traffic jam could be seen from space. While an investigation is already underway about what exactly went wrong, Google wasted no time keeping the Suez Canal meme going.

Google slipped in a Suez Canal Easter egg for all of us to enjoy. Just search “Suez Canal” or “Ever Given” and behold:

As confirmed by 9to5Google, the Easter egg appears to only be on Google desktop, not mobile. The site will likely not keep these ships chugging along forever, so watch them sail by while you can.

UPDATE: March 30, 2021, 7:03 p.m. EDT The Suez Canal Easter egg is now available on mobile.

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