Google กำลังทดสอบโหมดมืดบนผลการค้นหาบนเดสก์ท็อป

At a time when pretty much every app on desktop and mobile has a dark mode, it’s a bit sad that us darkness lovers still have to endure unbearable whiteness on one of the most commonly opened pages on the internet: Google’s desktop Search page.

However, it appears that even Google is succumbing to the trend. 9to5Google has noticed that the company is testing a dark theme for desktop Search. It’s pretty much what you’d expect: the white background has been replaced with a dark gray hue, while Google’s colorful logo has been replaced by white lettering.

The look matches the dark mode version of Google’s search app on mobile, which has been available since May 2020. Notably, 9to5Mac claims the dark mode isn’t enabled on the homepage, which is odd, but would likely change when the feature goes live.

Dark mode on Google’s desktop search currently appears to be available to only a small number of users. One Reddit user who’s seen it says the dark mode just randomly turned on by itself, and it reverted back to light mode shortly after. Strangely, the same user says that the dark mode did not come with any sort of toggle button, meaning he was unable to turn it off while it was active.

We’ve asked Google for more info on this and will update the article when we hear back.

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