Cadillac ยั่วยวน EV ตัวที่สองอย่าง Celestiq

At a virtual CES event Tuesday morning, General Motors showed off its next electric vehicle as the American automaker continues plans to electrify its lineup throughout the next five years.

GM shared the first few glimpses of what it’s calling the Cadillac Celestiq, an all-electric luxury sedan. Cadillac’s first ever EV, the Lyriq, was announced last year and also featured some creative spelling.

During the Celestiq teaser portion of GM’s keynote event, two features of the sedan with a noticeably large grille were highlighted. The first was the glass roof made up of four quadrants of smart glass. That means up to four passengers can choose their own transparency settings, letting in more or less light as each wants.

As Cadillac design director Crystal Windham said at the event, the car “reimagines what it means to be a passenger.”

Then there were the screens. Up front, there will be a display that spans the width of the car, while the back seats will have individual entertainment screens. Since this seems like a recipe for prime distracted driving conditions, Cadillac noted that there’ll be “console screens” between the seats in an attempt separate the different viewing experiences.

The Celestiq is supposed to start production “in the near future.” Hopefully, that means we’ll get more details like pricing and battery range soon.

Other electric GM options, including the new Chevy Bolt EUV (it’s a bigger version of the Chevy Bolt), are on schedule for a summer arrival, company executives announced at CES. GM CEO Mary Barra said the company plans to spend $27 billion on EVs and autonomous vehicles by 2025.

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