Apple ถ่ายภาพ 'จักรวาลแห่งความมืด' ด้วย iPhone 12 พวกเขาทำได้อย่างไร?

Apple has always been proud of it’s iPhone cameras. The latest phone – iPhone 12 – is said to come with not only camera lenses, but a sensor that will help Augmented Reality and better low light shots.

And they portrayed that in an experiment series that they are calling, well ‘Experiments’.

As of now, the series consists of five short videos with names like ‘Elements’, ‘Full Circle, ‘Cascade’, ‘Fire & Ice’, and the latest, ‘Dark Universe.’ Just like your favorite TV series, Apple only releases one episode each year, simply because there’s a new iPhone every year.

They started the first series using the iPhone X, and that was used to shoot ‘Elements’. The latest episode – ‘Dark Universe’ – is perhaps the most impressive because it seems like they shot a sci-fi series opening:

The entire series was shot in portrait orientation, and because of that, it’s highly recommended that you watch it on your phone.

If the visuals blew your mind and you want to know how it’s done, you’re in luck. Apple also releases a behind-the-scene video for each episode.

It’s super impressive that you can achieve these kinds of shots by just using a phone. It changes the perspective of DSLRs being the only devices that can shoot well, especially in low-light.

If you’re curious about the low-light and camera quality of the iPhones – since iPhone X that is – you can check out the series on Apple’s YouTube account.

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