20 รหัสผ่านโง่ ๆ ที่ผู้คนยังคงใช้ในปี 2020 และวิธีที่คุณจะทำได้ดีกว่านี้

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned when we first started using computers, passwords are a key aspect of cyber security – especially in an age where cyber criminals are getting increasingly advanced.

But if you’ve ever come up with passwords that were easy to remember, chances are they’re just as easy for others to crack.

According to a report by Nordpass, here are the 20 most commonly-used passwords of 2020. Can you spot yours?

1. 123456

The classic.

Number of users: 2,543,286.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

2. 123456789

The classic.. expanded.

Number of users: 961,435.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

3. picture1

A newcomer to the 2020 worst passwords list.

Number of users: 371,612.

Time to crack: 3 hours.

4. password

Come on?

Number of users: 360,467.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

5. 12345678

I mean, I really don’t know what to say.

Number of users: 322,187.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

6. 111111

You must really like the number 1.

Number of users: 230,507.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

7. 123123

It turns out, a lot of people think using a ‘random’ assortment of numbers makes for a secure password.

Number of users: 189,327.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

8. 12345

You need help.

Number of users: 188,268.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

9. 1234567890

Using all the numbers on your keyboard doesn’t protect you from jack shit.

Number of users: 171,724.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

10. senha

This is also a newcomer to the 2020 list.

Number of users: 167,728

Time to crack: 10 seconds.

11. 1234567

U r so CrEaTiVe.

Number of users: 165,909

Time to crack: Less than a second.

12. qwerty

This is basically the alphabetical equivalent to using numbers as your password. Dumb.

Number of users: 156,765.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

13. abc123

The password you use when someone tells you not to employ a single sequence of numbers or letters.

Number of users: 151,804.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

14. Million2

This is new. But still dumb.

Number of users: 143,664.

Time to crack: 3 hours.

15. 000000

I guess this is perfect if you like aesthetically-pleasing passwords.

Number of users: 122,982

Time to crack: Less than a second.

16. 1234

Should you be using computers?

Number of users: 112,297.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

17. iloveyou

The person who cracked your password lovesyoutoo.

Number of users: 106,327.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

18. aaron431

This is funny. A lot of Aarons out there love using their name followed by ‘431’. Is there some kind of Aaron cult out there?

Number of users: 90,256

Time to crack: 3 hours.

19. password1

Please, God. No.

Number of users: 87,556.

Time to crack: Less than a second.

20. qqww1122

This is what you’d get if qwerty and 123 had a baby.

Number of users: 85,476.

Time to crack: 52 minutes.

If none of your passwords made it to the Top 20, they might have been the most commonly used in their category.

For example, under passwords that used swear words, ‘fuckyou’ and ‘fuckyou1’ were pretty common.

Under words of affirmation, or just generally positive words, the most common passwords also included ‘princess’ and ‘sunshine’.

Avoid these things when creating a password.

If you treasure the things in your life and value your privacy, avoid using passwords that contain words found in the dictionary (password), number combinations (12345), or adjacent keyboard combinations (qwerty).

It’s also best to avoid repeating characters, like ‘aaaa’ or ‘123abc’.

And it it wasn’t obvious enough, don’t use any personal details about your life, like your phone number, birth date, or name. The person trying to crack your password might in fact be someone close to you, or have access to personal documents.

Creating a stronger password.

At this day and age, it’s best to use an online password generator that will come up with a really complex, hard-to-remember, combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and different cases.

But now you’re probably wondering, how the hell will I be able to remember my password then?

There are a ton of password managers you can get. They’ll store all your important information, and you won’t really have to worry about them getting breached.

Here are some you can check out:




For the full list of the most common passwords of 2020, click here.

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