โลโก้ใหม่ของ Peugeot จะดูแปลกตาสำหรับชาวมาเลเซียและสิงคโปร์

French carmaker Peugeot has unveiled a new logo, signaling a change in direction; an attempt at penetrating a more premium segment of the automotive industry.

While this is great news from a car consumer standpoint, as a Malaysian, I can’t help but notice a strong resemblance of the logo with Singapore’s iconic Lion Head, as well as Malaysia’s very own Proton.

Though it might seem like a case of “Can I copy your homework?”, Peugeot has been using its roaring lion motif since the early 1900s.

IMAGE: Peugeot

This new and refreshed logo is simply a more modern take on the original.

“A new logo embodies what Peugeot meant yesterday, what Peugeot means today, and what Peugeot will mean tomorrow,” says the French carmaker on its website.

“With this coat of arms, the Peugeot brand is setting out to conquer new lands, to accelerate its international growth, exporting French style and know-how as well as French elegance.”

IMAGE: Carsome

Despite whatever Peugeot says, I doubt it will stop comparisons being made with Malaysia’s very own Proton, the country’s national carmaker that uses a roaring tiger (as opposed to a lion) as its logo; as well as Singapore’s Lion Head, which the country uses as a national symbol.

If I had to pick, I’d say the new Peugeot logo reminds me of Singapore’s Lion Head symbol the most, especially since they both use the same animal and the same design language.

Singapore’s national symbol, the Lion Head. IMAGE: Carousell

Either way, it’s good to see a rebrand under way from the French carmaker. Though I’m not the most avid car enthusiast, the experience I’ve had with Peugeot has been okay. Not the worst, and certainly not the best.

What are your thoughts on the new Peugeot logo?

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Cover image sourced from National Heritage Board Singapore, Peugeot, and SoyaCincau / Malay Mail.

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