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The new Portrait Mode for video chat on iOS 15 (now available in beta) isn’t just for FaceTime; third-party apps like Instagram are getting in on the blurry fun too.

Hey, we’re not complaining. Portrait Mode only makes us look better, and if more video chat apps are working with it, we’ll take it.

While I can’t say Instagram is my preferred video chat method, it is handy for reaching people who might not have FaceTime capabilities or Zoom accounts. And lucky for you, we’ve got a guide on how to turn on Portrait Mode next time you find yourself needing to make an Instagram video call.

1. Open Instagram, and navigate to the profile of whoever you’d like to call.

Once you’re on their profile, tap the “Call” button that should appear next to the “Following” and “Message” buttons.


2. Select “Video Chat” from the pop-up box.

Instagram will ask if you want to make a video or audio call. Obviously, we want the video option here.

3. Once they pick up and your call is in full swing, swipe to bring up your iPhone’s Control Center.

Interestingly, the Portrait Mode setting is not within the Instagram app itself. Once you pull up your Notification Center, you should see two new boxes at the very top: Video Effects and Mic Mode.

Tap “Video Effects,” and the box should enlarge. Then, tap on the button to turn Portrait Mode on.

4. Exit your Notification Center, and enjoy your blurred background on Instagram.

Nothing to focus on but your beautiful face!

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