Have you ever wanted to start your own plant family? You know, it’s been super trendy, and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a friend or two talk about their ‘growing family’ on social media.

But becoming a plant parent can be really daunting. There are a lot of things to consider – like the temperature, the type of soil, and even the type of pot you decide to put your plant in.

To some of us, it just isn’t worth the effort.

But these LEGO plants don’t need any form of TLC.

Dubbed the LEGO Botanical Collection, this one’s for all the people out there who wished they had beautiful plants at home, the office, or wherever, without the time and effort it takes to rear a real plant.

And according to the LEGO Play Well Study 2020, seven in 10 adults say they’ve tried researching different ways to destress, with over eight in 10 saying play helps them relax. If you fit that description, then these LEGO plants might actually be of use.

Split into two products, you’ve got the LEGO Flower Bouquet and the LEGO Bonsai Tree.

First, let’s take a look at the LEGO Flower Bouquet:

Comprised of 756 pieces, the Flower Bouquet set features adjustable stems. This means you won’t go through any struggles when trying to fit them in an oddly-shaped vase.

The bouquet features a ton of different flowers, including a combination of snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters, and daisies. To further set the mood, there are also different grasses that you can use to supplement the look, depending on your taste and preference.

And now for my personal favorite, the Bonsai Tree:

If you need some zen in your life, especially after having gone through the rollercoaster ride that was 2020, the Bonsai Tree is perfect.

Consisting of 878 pieces, the Bonsai Tree can be easily shaped with either green leaves or pink cherry blossoms, depending on the season.

If you look closely at the cherry blossoms, you’ll be able to spot a bunch of tiny pink frogs. Cute.

The LEGO Bonsai Tree also comes with a charming rectangular pot and slatted wood-effect stand, further completing the whole zen vibe. Makes for a great decorative desk-piece if you ask me.

And of course, the best part about the LEGO Botanical Collection is the fact you don’t need to water them.

Just some relaxing assembly required.

What makes these plants even more appealing is their construction. Each set includes a number of elements made from plant-based plastic, produced using sustainably-sourced sugarcane.

Both sets will be available from January 4, 2021 across LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada and Shopee, LEGOLAND, as well as major retailers and department stores in Malaysia.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree stand at 14 inches (36 centimeters) and 7 inches (18 centimeters) respectively, with each retailing for RM219.90.

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Cover image sourced from LEGO.

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