นี่คือเวลาที่ PS5 จะวางจำหน่ายในประเทศของคุณและราคาเท่าไหร่

After a long wait the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is finally out and it’s making its way to Southeast Asia. While we will not get it on launch day, pre-orders in countries like Malaysia have already started.

The PS5 is what the world is dubbing ‘next-generation console’. It offers 4K resolution game with far better graphics than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

This time around, Sony is releasing two models of the console. One comes with a disk reader and the other doesn’t. The latter is made for those of you who only by digital copy of games.

Not many reviews of the console are out yet but if negative reviews are not going to deter your hopes of owning the console, here are the confirmed and estimated prices in some Southeast Asian countries:

Release date – December 11, 2020

PlayStation 5: RM2,299
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: RM1,869

Release Date – December 11, 2020

PlayStation 5: ₱27,990

Sadly, there is no confirmation if the Digital Edition will be made available in Philippines, but fingers crossed.

Release date – January 22, 2021

PlayStation 5: Rp 8,799,000
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: Rp 7,299,000

Release date – November 19, 2020

PlayStation 5: S$729
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: S$599

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: ฿15,130
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: ฿12,100

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: 11,500,000 Dong (estimated)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 9,250,000 Dong (estimated)

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: 2,000,000 Riel (estimated)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 1,600,000 Riel (estimated)

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: B$672 (estimated)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: B$537 (estimated)

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: 4,620,000 Kip (estimated)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 3,700,000 Kip (estimated)

Release date- TBC

PlayStation 5: US$499 (estimated)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: US$399 (estimated)

There are only a few Southeast Asian countries that Sony has confirmed the date and price.

But if we look back at the release of the PS4, countries like Thailand only got their units two months after the release and it might be the same for PS5.

Those of you in these countries could try online resellers like Play-Asia but be prepared to pay a premium for the console price and shipping.

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