นักเล่นเกมโดนเสมียนร้านปลอมตัวเป็นช่างเทคนิคเทลโก้ตั้งค่าเราเตอร์ PS5

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We often spend big bucks on the latest game consoles. That’s ’cause they’re probably worth the investment (in your head) and will guarantee endless hours of mind-numbing fun.

But when you live with a significant other, all of a sudden ‘my’ expenses become ‘our’ expenses. It doesn’t matter if they’re your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend – whoever it is just cares about what you spend your money on, for you own good.

A discerning gamer in Vietnam, Lê Gia Hưng, took things to the next level when he tried to hide his latest purchase – a PlayStation 5.

In a viral Facebook post published on February 18, 2021, Lê blesses us with what can only be described as a masterclass in deception.

Posted as a series of photos, Lê managed to convince the game store clerk to disguise himself as a technician and come to the man’s home to install a ‘Wi-Fi router’.

And, well, it looks pretty convincing, given that the third party isn’t aware of the physical appearance of a PlayStation 5, that is.

IMAGE: Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook
IMAGE: Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook
IMAGE: Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook
IMAGE: Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook

And what adds even more depth to this elaborate lie is the presence of a hotline sticker on the PS5 – purporting to be Viettel, Vietnam’s largest telecommunications service provider:

IMAGE: Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook


Facebook users compared this move to a viral Korean cartoon, depicting the same situation – only, with a PlayStation 4 Pro, aka ‘Plash Speed‘:

It’s basically ‘Plash Speed’, live action.

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Cover image sourced from Lê Gia Hưng / Facebook.

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