ต้องต่อภาษีถนนและประกันรถยนต์ แต่ไม่มีเวลาใช่หรือไม่? ทำบน

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You’re standing in the hot sweltering sun. Before you, there’s a long queue and it has not moved since an hour.

These sort of long queues are commonly found in Malaysia when you’re renewing your road tax and car insurance.

Say goodbye to long queues with

Bjak is a play on the Malay word ‘Bijak’ which means ‘clever’.

With physical distancing a top priority, it’s so much safer (and much more convenient) to run errands online. It’s also the cleverest thing you can do.

As the leading online car insurance platform, offers a wide range of car and motorcycle insurance comparisons.

The first ever car insurance comparison platform is leading the industry, offering road users over 10 brands to choose from. has partnered with the top insurers and takaful operators in the country, namely Pacific & Orient, Allianz, Takaful Malaysia, Zurich, MSIG, Liberty, and many more.

Here’s why many users are liking

1. You can compare different insurance plans and save more.

With over 3 million Malaysians are using to renew their insurance in the last six month, the service speaks for itself due to many repeat customers.

On average, every customer saves between RM50 (US$12) to RM450 (US$108) when purchasing via

2. You can adjust your coverage based on your needs.

All customers will be able to adjust their coverage based on their affordability levels. Through they’ll also be able to compare different coverages as well.

3. It’s super easy to use. is a breeze to use. Even the least tech-savvy people won’t have any problems because the functionality of the website is extremely user friendly.

4. Road tax is delivered directly to your doorstep. provides fast service so you no longer have to spend hours waiting in line.

What’s awesome is that you’ll have your road tax delivered directly to you so you can remain safe at home (and away from the queue).

Interested to save your time, money, effort, and get your car insurance and road tax renewed? Visit for your car insurance and road tax renewal needs!

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