ตอนนี้ Apple จำหน่ายเสื่อโยคะและหมวกกันน็อคจักรยาน

Need a yoga mat for your home gym? No worries, you can now pick one up at Apple’s online store.

Noticed by MacRumors, Apple has introduced some new health and fitness products ahead of the launch of its Fitness+ streaming service.

These include a foam roller, bike helmets, jump rope, swim goggles and yoga mats. There’s even a cork yoga block for good measure.

As for the prices, these are third-party products, and the prices are in line with what they cost elsewhere. You can, of course, probably find a cheaper yoga mat than US$77.95, so consider that before splurging on a bunch of fitness gear on Apple’s site.

With the launch of Fitness+, a US$9.99 per month streaming service with online workouts, Apple is becoming a serious contender in the health and fitness space. The new items in the store reflect this, even though Apple still doesn’t offer nearly as wide a range of products as fitness-specific stores.

Again, before you buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need, consider how much a Fitness+ setup really costs.

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