ตอนนี้คุณสามารถวางผู้ช่วย Alexa ของ Amazon ไว้บนใบหน้าได้ด้วยแว่นกันแดด

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Amazon is officially expanding its lineup of Echo Frames. In addition to corrective lenses, you’ll also have the choice between polarized sunglasses and blue-light-filtering glasses.

If you’re unfamiliar with Echo Frames, they’re Amazon’s smart glasses that come equipped with speakers and its Alexa voice assistant built-in. So, you can use them to make calls, listen to music, receive audible notifications, and control smart home accessories — hands-free.

Originally announced in 2019, the glasses were invite-only until Amazon released a second-generation version to the public in December. With the standard glasses, you only have the option between frames with or without prescription lenses.

The Echo Frames sunglasses, however, come in two versions: classic lenses and blue mirror lenses. Since both are polarized, they’ll help to reduce glare in bright sunlight and block your exposure to UV rays. The sunglasses also have an IPX4 rating so they’re water resistant, but you should definitely take them off if you’re swimming.

Meanwhile, the blue-light-filtering lenses are the better option for those who stare at screens all day — whether that’s a computer or TV. It helps to eliminate eye strain and could also help to improve your sleep quality.

As for price, the sunglasses and blue-light lenses will cost US$269.99 each — both of which are only available with classic black frames. The blue mirror polarized sunglasses will ship starting May 18, while both the classic sunglasses and blue-light Echo Frames will ship June 9.

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