ตอนนี้คนขับรถ Tesla สามารถตั้งแตรให้เป็นเสียงผายลมหรือบันทึกเสียงของตนเองได้

The long-awaited software update that lets Tesla owners change their horn sound to anything they want is here.

The sounds on offer include farts, goat, snake, applause, and more.

You can actually record a custom sound that can be anything you like, which is equal parts awesome and really, really scary.

Check out some of the sounds that are available in the video, below.

There’s a caveat though; as explained by Elon Musk, only Tesla cars with the optional pedestrian speaker feature can do this.

If you have that feature, this means your Tesla can also be the sound source at a party. You can also create your own party everywhere you go. With disco hits. Or a selection of obscure psychedelic rock tracks from the 1970s. In fact, the more I think about it, the more it seems this feature should be used very, very cautiously.

There is one trick Tesla has pulled to make the feature less intrusive for other drivers, though: the car has to be parked for it to work. Otherwise, all you get is the good old standard horn.

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