ตรวจสอบไอคอนแอป iOS ใหม่ของ Amazon

You may have stopped noticing it, but the logo of Amazon’s mobile app hasn’t changed in ages — it simply said “Amazon” over a blue shopping cart on a white background, and it wasn’t exactly modern.

Now, The Verge noticed that the company has a new, more colorful, and frankly just plain nicer “smiley” logo. It’s not yet live everywhere, but it’s visible in a few places, such as the Amazon app page on Apple’s UK App Store.

The new icon has only three elements: Amazon’s smile logo, a blue “haircut” and a brown background, all obvious nods to Amazon’s shipping boxes (below).

As you can see below, Amazon’s app for Android still sports the ole’ shopping cart icon, but that will probably change soon.

Regardless of what you think of the new design, it’ll certainly be easier to notice among other apps, whose icons often consist of thingies on a white background (we’re looking at you, Google).

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