คุณจะซื้อชุดหูฟัง VR ของ Apple หรือไม่ถ้ามีลักษณะเช่นนี้

Despite a recent onslaught of rumors and reports, Apple hasn’t officially announced its long-rumored virtual/augmented-reality headset.

That means we don’t really know what it’s going to look like, save from a fairly crude sketch by The Information based on an image of a prototype.

Now, designer Antonio de Rosa has shared his vision of what the finished product might look like, and one thing is certain — it looks a lot better than it does in the sketch.

In De Rosa’s renderings, the headset’s face is a slab of curved black glass (or plastic) with a silver bezel and a silver Apple logo boldly placed in the middle. For some reason I doubt Apple would be so on the nose (both literally and figurative) with the logo, but the rest looks nice, slightly retro, and somewhat reminiscent of the original iPhone’s black-and-silver design.

Look closely, and you’ll see cameras and sensors built into the top of the visor, just above the Apple logo. Reports say the headset will have passthrough cameras for a mixed-reality effect.

On the inside, what De Rosa has imagined looks a lot like a snorkeling mask, with a rubber headband, and a rubber and mesh combo where the headset meets the face. A recent report says the headset will pack some powerful hardware, including dual 8K displays.

Of course, all of this is just one artist’s idea based off a sketch which, in turn, is based on an early prototype. In other words, Apple’s actual headset might look very different when it finally launches, possibly in 2022. Price is unknown, but one report says it will cost around US$3,000.

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