ขณะนี้ Google Photos มี "โฟลเดอร์ที่ถูกล็อก" เพื่อซ่อนข้อมูลที่ละเอียดอ่อนของคุณ

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Google is now making it easier to keep your personal photos hidden. With Locked Folder in Google Photos, you can now keep them password protected.

The new feature, announced at Google I/O 2021, is simple to use. Once you choose the images you want to add to the Locked Folder, you can only unlock it via the Google Photos app using a PIN or the fingerprint sensor.

Any images added to the folder won’t appear when you’re scrolling through the Photos app. They also won’t show up when you’re using other apps on your phone.

That way, you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally seeing a private or sensitive photo when you hand someone your phone. And, you can rest assured if they do see the Locked Folder, they can’t access it without your passcode.

Google says the feature is launching on its Pixel phones first, and will be coming to more Android devices throughout this year.

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