การอัปเดต iOS ล่าสุดแสดงให้เห็นทุกวิธีที่ Facebook ติดตามคุณ มีเยอะมากครับ

Knowing Facebook tracks everything you do is one thing, but actually seeing it? Oof.

Apple officially launched iOS 14.3 Monday, and with it came an update to the App Store that promises to forever change the way you look at your downloads. Now, when you pull up an app, Apple offers a detailed list of “how developers may handle your data[.]” And when it comes to Facebook’s family of apps, oh, man, do they ever handle it.

Facebook, of course, owns both Instagram and WhatsApp (as well as Oculus and scores of other name-brand services). But let’s look at just the main Facebook app first. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is user data which Facebook confirmed to Apple its “privacy practices may include handling[.]”

Fair warning: It’s a lot. From the (hopefully) obvious like your phone number and contacts, to the more eyebrow raising like your “precise location,” “sensitive info,” “audio data,” and “emails or text messages,” Facebook has its fingers in a lot of your pies.

Facebook, apparently, didn’t take too kindly to having its pants pulled fully down by Apple. According to Bloomberg, Facebook ran a full-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post lambasting Apple for having the gall to highlight what Facebook does with user data.

Of course, Facebook didn’t exactly frame it that way. Instead, the company couched its opposition as a bold stance in favor of “small businesses everywhere.”

Facebook has a long history of being less than fully forthcoming, so we’ll let you judge the ad’s veracity yourself.

If you want to view what specific apps do with your data, after updating to iOS 13.4 just head to the App Store and search for the app in question (say, Instagram). Then scroll down to the section that says “App Privacy” and click “See Details.”

You may not like what you see, but hey, going forward you can no longer say Facebook didn’t warn you. Maybe, this time, you should finally listen.

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