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Mission Accomplished: Langan in Iraq | Trailer | Available Now

The definitive grassroots view of the Iraqi invasion.
Mission Accomplished: Langan in Iraq is now available on VOD platforms. Get it now on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/movie/mission-accomplished-langan-in-iraq/id1211280534?mt=6
Amazon Video: http://a.co/gQzLVkv
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Seven months after war was declared over, journalist Sean Langan arrived in Iraq. He spent three months living in the notorious Sunni triangle, deftly moving between resistance fighters and the American troops. Travelling where few journalists dare to go and filming alone, the producer has captured a rare grassroots view of the war still raging across Iraq. (“Riveting Stuff”, UK Observer 8/8/04)

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Sean Langan – Ref. 2409

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