X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Trailer (2019)

Here is the first trailer for Dark Phoenix

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  1. Love the music in the trailer, hope they heed the lyrics and make this the end so we can have proper x-men movies within Marvel, where they belong. Never liked the Bryan Singer movies that much. Sure, the themes are there but he is also pretty clueless when it comes to characterization of the X-men,not to mention swinging Mystique and Magneto like a pendulum from bad to good. I know Magneto has been good from time to time in the comics but always due to one reason-Charles's death, which would make him realize his mistakes and turn good.

  2. So many TRANSSEXUALS in these movies, with their necks bigger than mine, disgusting. Why are they showing this shit to children? Honestly people, do you want your children cutting off their privates to the point they cannot have children anymore? SICK!!

  3. I don't get why they made this movie, it feels forced, like the star wars solo movie. Like seriously, no one wants another crazy jean story, we had that in x-men the last stand. I am a huge fan of the wolverine and only watched the x-men movies cause I couldn't get enough claws and badass, but the day marvel killed the main attraction of the x-men franchise, they also killed the x-men.

  4. Had to watch it a few times over. They mentioned aliens using her as a weapon. And then I also saw what appeared to be the White Queen at 0:45 who will try to manipulate her into joining the Hellfire Club just before the Shiar Invasion.

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