CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer (2019)

Here is the first trailer for Captain Marvel

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  1. It looks ok, the "Wonder Woman" movie is way better though.

    The only reason why Marvel is bothering to make a "Captain Marvel Movie" is because of the final chapter in the Avengers Saga, "Avengers Infinity War Part 2" which the movie studios could bring it to an end without having 'Captain Marvel' at all.

  2. I’m still excited for the movie, I don’t care she has no emotions, so what, do doesn’t anyone else, I still think she’s gonna be one of the powerful superhero in all of the MCU, and plus I don’t judge a movie by it’s trailer, I just judge a movie by its movie itself

  3. Oh Nice…..taking another character and replacing the white male with a woman or a negro….happening all to often. I wonder if…….but? what if next is female Rambo and a black captain Kirk? Im not sexist or a racist. But how would people feel if black panther was a white guy? Or if they remade Harlem Nights with white guys? or Steel Magnolias replaced with all guys? My point is….don't butcher what is already made and set in stone with people….Make up new shit ffs….ps….this movie looks lame.

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